Once you familiarize yourself with Cryptocurrencies, the first thing you are going to look for is a valid and solid broker or exchange. There are two types of exchanges, Fiat Exchanges and Crypto to crypto exchange. It means, currency for cryptocurrency or swapping of cryptocurrency with cryptocurrency. Based on your needs you can list out which exchange you would go through.

Whenever you have to choose your exchanges, look for 5 things: Privacy, Limits, Fees, Speed and Reputation


Kraken is an exchange based in United States and was established in 2011. The fee charged by Kraken ranges from 16% for the seller and the taker will range up to 26%. You can deposit USD, EUR, CAD and other currencies. They also allow the deposit of cryptocurrency if you have any.

Kraken offers a leverage up to 5x. Kraken uses an intuitive interface and will allow amazing levels set for the investors. The margin trade will hence shoot to 5x. it also offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and is supported globally. is a London based exchange. It offers features like high security, liquidity and cross platform trading. The site offers great support service and is user friendly. It offers a lot of fiat currency pairs to trade.

The site is registered and secure. It has registered with FinCEN in the USA while obtaining 2 DSS certificate of high level security. Bitcoin, BitCash, Bitcoi Gold, Ethereum, Ripple futures, Dash, Stellar etc. are some of the cryptocurrencies available. enables various methods of payment. It accepts VISA or mastercard, bank or wire transfers. Like every other exchange, you will have to verify yourself as a user. With every level of verification, you will be given extra features to use.


Bithoven is one of the fresh entry in this industry. In spite of being a newbie in the cryptosphere, its features and algorithms have impressed the audience significantly. The user interface is perfectly suited for beginners as well as professionals. It has basic as well as advanced statistical tools. It offers analysis and candlestick charts which could be followed by beginners.

Bithoven supports over 350 altcoins. There are absolutely no purchasing and selling limits. It has one of the best customer services and live chat support. Bithoven is backed by one of the most renowned and trusted experts who are also users. The industry is expecting it to grow while Bithoven is ready to release new features.


Bitpanda was started in Australia and has a lot of investment opportunities. The swapping or exchanging of cryptocurrency through this broker is free of cost and instant. You can enable notifications to alert you about the price. Bitpanda will send you an email and notify you about the price.

Bitpanda is a very famous exchange which allows you to purchase cryptocurrency with USD, Euros, British pounds and Swiss Francs. It follows a two factor authentication and uses SSL encryption. It has a user interface which is very user friendly for beginners. Beginners will definitely have fun and will understand how to analyze, buy, sell and trade stocks.


Gemini was started in New York. It rapidly developed and delivered the image of one of the most reputed and a reliable exchange. It is the 39th largest exchange with a 24 hour volume quotation.

The security is very tight. The software is coded in a way that it holds only a specific amount of cryptocurrencies online while holding the others offline. Every US dollar invested or traded is secured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company. This means, Gemini is fully registered with the banking standards.

It offers a very generous customer support and proper guidance to novices. It is well designed with features which can be used by professionals as well as newbies. It charges very low commission or fee. In fact, the bank or wire transfers are free of charge.


This is one of the most simplest exchange you are going to find in the industry. You can buy bitcoins using Euro. Bank transfers or credit cards are accepted. Coinhouse gives you a feature which will let you store your coins for a limited period before you transfer it to your digital wallet. However you have to be a premium member to enable this feature.

They provide analysis about market risks given from experts. They will display risks and opportunities of every investment you want to know. They charge very low commissions

There are a lot of things that can be said about different exchanges. Every exchange is developed and desgined in a different way. All of them have their unique features and their drawbacks. Some might have every single thing that an investor would thrive for but would fall back on security. Picking the right one is tricky sometimes, but you come to know once you use and familiarize yourself with it.

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